With our teams’ wealth of specialist knowledge and our globally esteemed Partners’ products, we can provide proven solutions ranging from a simple admin process, to the development of a cohesive environment, bespoke to your business’ requirements.

Historically Ascertus has been recognised as the leading solutions and services provider of software products for corporate in-house legal departments in Northern Europe; making teams more productive and efficient, whilst mitigating risk and justifying their value. This wealth of experience means we are the experts in consulting on, implementing, and supporting solutions to work across an impressive diversity of existing IT infrastructures.

Having grown and strengthened, Ascertus are subsequently diversifying into new markets where secure, effective and efficient information management is of increasing importance, including: law firms, accountancies, property agents, chartered surveyors, and management consultants.

Ascertus Solutions

Contract Management
Ascertus provide a number of solutions to help with Contract Management, ranging from contract production through to managing the contract lifecycle.
Court/Document Bundles
Assembling large volumes of documents relating to a project, case or matter from different locations, different files types and formats, converting and distributing them as a single or multi-PDF document is a time-consuming and expensive exercise.
Document Automation and Production
Document assembly solutions provide a development tool for the design and structure of intelligent templates or set of templates.
Document Management
Information is the lifeblood of all companies and many professionals are drowning under the sheer volume of information they are receiving.
Document Redaction
Metadata is information about the document.