Document Management

Information is the lifeblood of all companies and many professionals are drowning under the sheer volume of information they are receiving. An easy method for the quick and effective management of this information is now essential. A document and e-mail management system will provide companies, firms, departments and individuals with a single, central, collaborative environment for the storage, search and retrieval of all electronic assets, including Microsoft Office documents, e-mails, scanned paper image files, audio and video files.

A document and e-mail management system which seamlessly integrates within the most widely used applications and is accessed via the Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes Mail interface, the same interface that users spend the majority of the day working within, provides an inherent structured system for unstructured data. These type of systems provide a sound reliable and scalable architecture for the mitigation of risk, the better governance of information assets and drive forward a proven leap in productivity, efficiency and knowledge sharing.

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