Document Automation and Production

Document assembly solutions provide a development tool for the design and structure of intelligent templates or set of templates. Completed documents are accurately and reliably produced from a simple interview or questionnaire process where the operator's answers to questions, the variable information they enter, and the decision process scripted within the template, e.g. what clauses to include or exclude, are used to assemble the document or documents. The answers, the data, and the decisions can be stored so that the document can easily be rebuilt or edited and regenerated. This document information can also be utilised for reporting purposes or automation of the document workflow process.

While document automation software is used primarily in the legal, financial services, and risk management industries, it can be used in any industry that creates transaction-based documents, for example, commercial mortgage documents. A typical commercial mortgage transaction can include several documents, some these documents can contain as many as 80 to 100 pages, with hundreds of optional paragraphs and data elements. Document automation software has the ability to automatically fill in the correct document variables based on the transaction data.

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