Contract Management

Ascertus provide a number of solutions to help with Contract Management, ranging from contract production through to managing the contract lifecycle. These solutions can be used either standalone, or as an integrated solution together with iManage Work (WorkSite) where the conversations and drafts leading up to the signed contract can be stored.

Managing all the critical tasks and dates throughout a contract's life is a challenging and laborious process. Many companies are managing this essential process manually. Whether it’s for an approval, renewal, or completing an obligation, it is very difficult to ensure that the right person executes the right action on the right contract at the correct time.
DocMinder™ solves this problem by automating your contracts’ critical tasks and deadlines. The right person is automatically e-mailed at the right time, with the relevant documents and instructions. The task is put into context by allowing you to see a history of that contract, including prior conversations and actions.

HotDocs allows you to transform word processor documents or PDF forms into document generation process applications. HotDocs has the capability to handle any document, no matter how lengthy or complex it might be. Based on the business logic and variables merged into a document, HotDocs will generate an interactive sequence of data gathering forms, called an interview, which leads users through the process of entering data correctly. Answers can be validated for range and accuracy. Help resources can be attached to individual questions. HotDocs process apps can be embedded in any website or can be integrated into any custom or commercially available web application, or workflow such as DocMinder. The drafts and finally executed documents can be saved into iManage Work (WorkSite).

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