iManage Work (formerly HP WorkSite)

Manage and access all documents, emails and other communications streams in a single project-specific workspace, securely accessible from anywhere, on any device. Seamless integration with Microsoft Office, Outlook and Lotus Notes lets users collaborate and work on projects in their authoring environment-of-choice and within a familiar workflow.

iManage Work easily handles document and email management, placing data in digital files, making them easier to find, share, and reuse. iManage Work is simple-to-use and can be deployed across your organization quickly, with minimal training and at a low total cost, for a rapid return on investment. By unifying content across email inboxes and file systems and between colleagues, partners, and customers, you can realize significant value through higher productivity and improved customer service.

  • Unmatched usability: Intuitive user interfaces minimize the user training required, keep TCO low, and drive user adoption.
  • Intelligent automation: Costly and time consuming manual processes are eliminated.
  • Unparalleled information access: The ability to connect to more than 400 repositories and support more than 1,000 file types, including audio and video, independent of language.
  • Seamless platform: IDOL provides a single infrastructure for managing all enterprise information with pre-packaged solution modules.
  • Low total cost of ownership: Our solutions can overlay current systems, taking advantage of existing infrastructure and expertise.
  • 24/7 access: Reliable mobile and offline access to email and the matter content ensure high customer service levels at all times.
  • Business continuity: Clustering and load balancing ensure performance, fault tolerance, high availability and business continuity.
  • Robust security: iManage Work has the ability to control system functionality and content access at the object level, based on user’s group or role.
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