DocMinder combines unparalleled task management with clear oversight, automated delegation, management calendars and advanced reporting. With the same effort that it takes to e-mail someone, you can create a DocMinder that delivers automatic e-mail follow-ups and continues notifying the intended individual until the work is complete.

Instead of having to manually follow up and record your progress in separate e-mail folders, databases or spreadsheets, DocMinder includes all relevant metadata, record all progress and provide status updates. Beyond simple delegation, DocMinder delivers surveys, checklists with multiple tasks, and routes documents through a workflow.

We solve business problems while reducing the burden on your IT group. DocMinder is designed with the end user in mind; it's simple for any user to build, customize, and delegate workflows, create and run reports, and customize their own management calendar.

  • Confidently manage critical tasks
  • Assign tasks to anyone with an e-mail address - they don't need special software or training!
  • Transform isolated, manual processes into an integrated automated management program using your existing e-mail
  • Automatic e-mail follow up eliminates your need to manually track in spreadsheets, calendars and e-mail folders
  • All conversations and completions are tracked in DocMinder for centralization and easy access
  • Customize Reporting to meet your specific needs
  • Be instantly alerted when a task is updated or completed
  • Design your e-mail notifications to fit your department or company style
  • Build sophisticated solutions without technical assistance
  • Easy to deploy
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