Ascera for iManage Work (formerly HP WorkSite)

Law firms and other organizations – such as legal departments – that use iManage Work (formerly HP WorkSite) (e.g., DeskSite or FileSite) as their primary content repository often want to share this content on their intranets or extranets, which are usually based on SharePoint. The Ascera family of products enables the integration of these two systems.

Without additional products, integration between iManage Work and SharePoint is limited and complex to manage. Users need to manually export document or NRL links and then import them into SharePoint. This complexity discourages use and impatient professionals often default to email, defeating the economic efficiencies of intranet and extranet usage.

Prosperoware offers two sets of technology to integrate these platforms, both of which may be used in a sophisticated deployment:

  • Allows users to publish iManage Work content directly to SharePoint libraries without IT support and seamlessly synchronizes content between iManage Work and SharePoint
  • Ascera Publisher publishes and synchronizes documents, folders, and workspaces between iManage Work and SharePoint document libraries
  • Ascera Web Parts is a web-based iManage Work client that exposes a part of the iManage Work repository, including documents, saved searches, folders, and workspaces

On an intranet, Ascera Web Parts might be used to build an engagement or matter-centric view across multiple repositories. The value of Ascera Web Parts here is that the data is changing constantly and professionals partially deliver services through these web pages. Ascera Publisher, however, is a more effective tool for parts of the intranet that require a true publication model. Two great examples are knowledge/practice resources and administrative publications. The knowledge/practice resources are originally sourced from matter content many times. The lawyers who want to re-use them publish them to a knowledge site where the resources can be further described with tags and other metadata.
In corporations where iManage Work is used as a departmental solution for the office of general counsel (OGC), Ascera Publisher provides a powerful way for the OGC to share documents with their clients without changing their work processes. Through the simple act of moving a document or using a command, the content can be shared with their clients on a SharePoint site.

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